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Mission Statement

We exist to glorify God by reaching lost students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, discipling them that they may disciple others, developing them into leaders capable to serve in a local Church and then moving on to find other areas to do the same.

Ministry Values

To reach the lost students around us with the Gospel:

By working on campus and investing time into our students

By running on-campus activities including but not limited to English corners and field days

By meeting one-on-one or in very small groups with lost students in order to share the love of Jesus with them

By getting them connected to Christian students on their campus through small groups and Church


To train our young Christians that they may serve in their Churches:

By training them up on how to walk with Jesus

By training them how to reach, disciple and develop others around them   This includes evangelism training, small group training, etc…

By allowing them to lead small groups and other outreach-oriented activities to practice

By establishing opportunities for students to serve the most marginalized in our communities


To help the local Church reach young people with the Gospel:

By working closely alongside Church leaders

By setting Church leaders aside specifically for the task and then training them in various ways on how they can reach young people with the Gospel

By pointing all of our young leaders towards the local Church and a leadership position in it

By stepping back and letting the local Church take over once we have helped establish a young person outreach


To disciple students who in turn disciple others:

By discipling students using our 10-week discipleship program

By training and showing them how to disciple other young believers, (through shadowing, co-teaching and observing them)

By stepping back and allowing those who are prepared and equipped to disciple younger believers


To create a system that is easy to reproduce in other cities throughout Asia:

By keeping things simple enough that people with only a basic leadership understanding can run something similar

By focusing extensively on training so the next wave of leaders will be ready to take over

By focusing more on small group discussions rather than preaching so any Christian can facilitate

By moving on once a local Church/city is able to run young adult fellowships without our assistance