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This week I wanted to challenge both Christians and non-Christians with this question. I think we often have a belief in something, but we fail to look at where did that belief come from or why we actually believe it. My goal this week is that whatever you believe you will actually take a closer look at it. For Christians, to better understand your faith and to be able to share that faith with others. For non-Christians, to understand that your non-belief is a belief, even if you don’t think it is.

For non-Christians, your lack of faith actually is an even greater faith than Christianity. I find it interesting that non-Christians demand proof for God or say they will believe once they can see Him, yet demand no such proof for their own beliefs. Just as Christians often use the Bible, (in non-Christians eyes), as a type of “get out of jail free” card, so do non-Christians with science. Show me evolution from a single cell organism and I will believe. My only challenge to non-Christians is to judge yourselves and your beliefs by the same measure you judge Christianity. If you demand proof or a sign then give us proof or a sign. Don’t just believe there is no God because your school, your teachers or your parents told you so. If you don’t believe in God then go and figure out why you believe that before you charge Christians with having no ground to stand on.

For Christians, the Bible tells us we need to be ready to give an answer for our faith, or a reason for your hope, (1 Peter 3:15). But many of us Christians, when asked why we believe, either don’t know what to say or make some comment about how the Bible tells me so. The truth is, that is not why you believe. Just because a book, (now I know the Bible is a special book, but stay with me for a moment), tells me to do something doesn’t mean I blindly do it. I have some sort of faith already if I am to believe whatever this book says.

So, why do we believe? I am not going to answer this exhaustively because that would take hours upon hours, but I do want to suggest three things that may help you the next time you are faced with this daunting question. But I want to preface this by saying that really the only reason you believe anything is because God has opened your eyes to the truth. We did not choose God, HE chose us, (John 15:16). These three suggestions of why you have faith all flow from the fact that Christ allowed you to see these things. Without Christ illuminating your heart, you can not see these things, you can not know God, and you can not be saved. It starts and ends with God.

First, we believe from creation. We look around at the vastness of this world and our universe and it tells us there must be something higher than just our little human lives. We look at the detail and intricacy of creation, (our distance from the sun, four seasons each year, the complexity of our cells and DNA), and it tells us there must be something more than random chance. Someone must have created this for it to work so perfectly. Someone must hold all of this in order so that it doesn’t become completely chaotic. Romans 1:19-20 tells us that God has shown Himself to us through HIS creation. It even uses the word “plainly” to show us that when you look around at creation it is clear there is a God.

Second, we believe from experience. The reason people become Christians is not because we have logically shown them their folly and they decide that God is the only logical choice. Usually, people become Christians because they see others changed lives. Someone is healed from a disease, (John 9), or someone transforms from a drug addict into a model citizen. Your testimony of how God showed you HIS light is often the most powerful tool in showing people the Gospel. We are drawn to transformation because we all know something is not right. We have this universal sense of right and wrong, yet many of us choose not to follow it. Why do even non-believers often stay faithful to their spouse? It’s not against the law and it certainly isn’t evolved morality, (look at America, the most “evolved” nation in the world with more divorce and affairs than anywhere else). Rather, God has actually written his law on our hearts, (Jeremiah 31:33). There is a longing for justice and goodness, not because we have evolved into morally good beings, but because God is good and we want to follow Him.

Third, we believe from unfulfilled lives. No matter how hard we try, we never seem to achieve perfection. Either it is our personality that needs tweaks, our job, our relationships or even the weather. We just never get to that place in our lives where we are completely satisfied with everything. Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, “Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end.” We are always left feeling unfulfilled because only God is meant to fulfill us. We long for eternity, and our unfulfilled lives on earth show that.

Again, this is only meant to be a brief discussion on why we believe what we believe. You can search online for more in depth reasons and proofs. My purpose today is just to get all of us thinking why we have whatever belief we have. And that by better understanding our faith we may better know and worship God. May we all build our belief on our Rock and Cornerstone Jesus Christ. May we be ready to answer those who would question our faith. And may we show the world that ultimate truth can be found in God alone.

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